Transform with the Cloud

Transform with the Cloud


The Cloud offers a new way of operating IT that is agile and aligned to the needs of the business. Along with the new way of operating come several cultural changes in how the IT services are delivered by teams that were traditionally segregated and have now been converged, such as Developers and Operations which has driven the DevOps movement. DevOps has gained a lot of momentum over the last several years with many organisations forming a strong capability using the best of the developer and operations worlds. Many of these organisations have a large footprint of their IT operation based in the Cloud as it facilitates the achievement of the agile objectives.

When moving to a Cloud model, there are transformational changes required across the business. Governance, Disaster Recovery, Security and Procurement functions all require a shift in the way they are managed in a Cloud environment.

If the Cloud strategy is formed and delivered correctly, the transformational benefits are significant and can change the way an organisation operates to be more agile and responsive to the strategic needs of the business. New revenue streams can be identified and introduced through the pursuit of innovative ideas. Service availability and resiliency can also be significantly improved and the IT operation can be run in a much more efficient, demand driven, consumption based model.

The CMD Solutions team is focused on assisting our clients to achieve their business aspirations by working through transformational IT change using Cloud technology. If you would like to learn more about our Cloud capability and how we are able to assist you then please contact us at

Andre Morgan

written by Andre Morgan

Andre Morgan is a co-director and co-founder of CMD Solutions, a Cloud and Infrastructure consulting organisation focused on using innovative Cloud technology and methods to dynamically meet our clients business demands. Andre’s IT career spans more than 15 years, he has held a variety of senior management positions in strategic Infrastructure and Information Management roles.