Does the Cloud enable innovation?

Does the Cloud enable innovation?


Innovation is challenging for most organisations to achieve and requires the right culture, leadership, processes and systems to foster innovative ideas that will bring greater benefit to the organisation. While changing the technology platform is not the sole contributor to the success or failure of innovation, adopting technology that is able to be deployed quickly, scaled up and down as needed, and used in a consumption based model underpins innovation.

When using Cloud based services, technology is no longer the bottleneck hampering new projects because it can be built and tailored for the specific requirements of the project at the click of a button. Innovation forums are now able to test their best ideas by creating prototypes in a cost effective manner by spinning up services in AWS. This means that more initiatives can be tried and tested, with some of them discarded, some of them re-worked and the end result should be an improvement in productivity.

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Andre Morgan

written by Andre Morgan

Andre Morgan is a co-director and co-founder of CMD Solutions, a Cloud and Infrastructure consulting organisation focused on using innovative Cloud technology and methods to dynamically meet our clients business demands. Andre’s IT career spans more than 15 years, he has held a variety of senior management positions in strategic Infrastructure and Information Management roles.