Everyday CareSouth

CMD Solutions used a phased approach to deliver incremental improvements to CareSouth’s IT operation. The project commenced with a discovery activity that uncovered and analysed the core issues hampering CareSouth’s operation. The findings from the discovery analysis were used to formulate an appropriate roadmap and a supporting program of work to improve the IT operation through a series of work activity phases.

The CMD Solutions team were professional and easy to work with. They took the time to understand our business issues and provided a plan tailored to our needs. The CMD guys really know their stuff, which was clearly visible through the smooth delivery of the project without any business service outages or adverse events.

The project has delivered results through improved stability and performance, and most importantly it has also given the business confidence in our IT systems. I would highly recommend the CMD Solutions team to improve your IT operation.

Danny Bosevski - IT Manager, CareSouth

Presence of IT

We needed a secure infrastructure environment to support our multi-client payroll application. The infrastructure needed to be scalable to underpin the on boarding of new clients easily. We also needed to be able to support each client’s environment in a centralised model whist ensuring client data segregation and security. The security design was paramount as our solution needs to adhere with various security and audit requirements.

Based on an AWS recommendation, we engaged CMD Solutions to assist with the design and build of the infrastructure environment in AWS. We had some tight deadlines to achieve and thankfully the CMD team were able to come on board quickly with a very responsive service. The CMD team were knowledgeable and worked with our project team to rapidly build the solution. We are now able to build complete AWS environments using an extensible automated deployment chain onto AWS which has built us a capability to now deploy not only this solution but any application into AWS using a standard framework. Thanks to the work from the CMD team we were able to meet our deadlines and left us with a model that we can continue to use as we bring more clients onto our solution.

Thomas Gudman - Global COO, Presence of IT

Outbound Sales

At OutboundSales we faced the challenge of providing a geographically dispersed sales team with secure and reliable access to the CRM system. Being able to access the CRM and collaborate with other agents from anywhere is vital to our productivity.

CMD Solutions migrated our old system that was running on old hardware to a new BYOD model that suits the way our sales staff like to operate. We now pay for our IT on a monthly consumption based model which is great because we don’t have to make any significant capital outlay to upgrade systems. The team is happy because they can easily access the systems they need from anywhere regardless of the device they have.

I highly recommend CMD Solutions to help simplify your IT operation.

DW - General Manager, Outbound Sales


Leading Wealth Management

We needed to improve the financial efficiency of our hosting environment which was constrained due to various scale, cost and legacy hardware restrictions. CMD Solutions worked alongside other service providers and our internal project delivery team to design and build an AWS environment that is secure and leverages automated deployment tools and CI/CD methods. The target AWS environment has been designed in a hybrid architecture running the core application stack including database within AWS with a number of integration points back to on premise applications and infrastructure.

The complete environment can be built and torn down using automated deployment techniques and also allows our IT team to customise the configuration depending on the requirements of each environment. The automated environment build cuts down the time required to build an environment manually which also enables us to quickly build additional environments for each project to support development, testing or high availability.

The consumption based model combined with the CI/CD enabled architecture provided us with a considerably more efficient operating model which is able to scale up or down depending on the individual needs of the project or release.

Overall this project has provided efficiency and productivity improvements and is anticipated to provide a reduced TCO.

Program Delivery Manager of a leading Financial Services Wealth Management company