Professional Consulting Services

At the core of our business are our professional consulting services – where we study your IT operation and provide solutions for you to get the best out of IT, sooner.

One of the things that sets us apart is that we use an iterative agile approach, offering solutions to provide incremental value for your business sooner compared with traditional approaches. The benefit of this more responsive process is to achieve the business outcome quicker without increasing risk or sacrificing quality. Each incremental change is thoroughly planned, implemented as planned, and validated to ensure it meets the desired outcomes.

CMD Solution’s project delivery strategy incorporates proven methodologies gained from our consultant’s depth of project delivery experience. We tailor our project delivery methodology to suit your specific needs to provide incremental value sooner than traditional approaches. The methodology can be customised to suit Plan based, or Agile delivery or a hybrid combination which enables flexibility, meets project governance requirements and keeps everyone informed.

On project commencement, the Project Initiation stage will deliver all of the necessary supporting artefacts to enable a successful project delivery. Following the Project Initiation activity we will utilise an iterative process comprised of the following stages to deliver each of the Project Activities mapped out in a Project Schedule:

  • Plan and Design
  • Build, Implement and Deploy
  • Test and Validate

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Cloud Solutions

Our solutions use Cloud-based technology that provide your business with greater efficiency, resiliency and performance.

Cloud based service providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Softlayer, have invested heavily in Data Centres, networks and infrastructure so that businesses, large and small, regional and national, can reduce their on premise IT infrastructure management and thus lower their IT Total Cost of Ownership.

At CMD Solutions we discuss your business drivers with you and form a migration roadmap for your information/infrastructure that facilitates a low risk transition and transformation into your new Cloud based infrastructure environment.

With our extensive IT industry experience, our consultants will help you through your Cloud transformation journey and ensure that you realise your business objectives without disrupting core services.

Our cloud services include:

  • Audit and Review current environment performing a cloud readiness assessment
  • Design secure private/hybrid cloud solutions that provides a more cost effective alternative with greater flexibility than on-premises based models
  • Transition selected application workloads or whole Data Centres to the Cloud
  • Utilise smart DevOps based tool-chains and technology to increase automation, availability, resiliency and reduce IT management overhead
  • Discuss and recommend the right fit Cloud offering (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DRaaS, MaaS) to meet the ongoing operational business requirements

Network Solutions

As the digital world rapidly expands and the need to provide business services using the internet or private networks increases, reliance on a secure network perimeter becomes critical to protect businesses and consumers.

At CMD we understand how to design and configure business systems to prevent unauthorised access and ensure you have the right level of protection to suit your business needs.

Our network security services include:

  • Audit and Review current network infrastructure identifying opportunities to optimise performance and reduce complexity
  • Design and implement network solutions from core routing and switching to perimeter firewall and proxy servers
  • Discuss and recommend WAN acceleration solutions, DMZ architecture and private IP networks

Server & Virtualisation Solutions

Virtualisation and Cloud technologies have changed the way that server, storage and networking is provided to support business systems. At CMD, our experience in virtualisation technologies has reinforced our understanding that Cloud based technology offers a valuable proposition to either extend existing virtualised environments into the Cloud or completely migrate whole environments to take full advantage of economies of scale.

Backup technology has shifted from tapes and offsite backup archives to replication, deduplication and low cost Cloud based storage options. We can reduce your backup Total Cost of Ownership by replacing tape based backup solutions with better fit Cloud based alternatives.

Our virtualisation services include:

  • Audit and Review the current server and desktop infrastructure identifying opportunities to virtualise which consolidates and reduces operating costs.
  • Design and implement optimised virtualisation solutions through all layers compute, storage and network to increase availability and reduce administration effort.
  • Discuss and recommend process automation through the use of templates, Puppet, Chef, and VDI rollouts.

We also specialise in Microsoft Enterprise server solutions:

  • Audit and Review current Microsoft enterprise suite of servers from the core infrastructure (Windows Server, Active Directory, SQL and Exchange) to the business servers (SharePoint) and server management servers (SCCM).
  • Design, implement and assist in migrating Microsoft Windows Server, Active Directory, SQL, Exchange, SCCM and SharePoint solutions to improve performance and availability.
  • Discuss and recommend server architecture, Active Directory and group policy best practices, exchange messaging components, Microsoft SQL database tuning, licensing and SCCM rollouts.

Cloud Managed Devops

Operational transformation is achieved by adopting an efficient, scalable and secure platform along with cultural change. The cloud adoption process is a journey starting with discovery and design…

  • The platform architecture designs should be well thought out, right sized, and tailored to your requirements
  • Transformation is achieved through projects that build, implement and migrate from the old mode of operation to the new
  • The transformed platform will need to be run using new DevOps techniques

CMD have addressed the challenges associated with running production DevOps environments by creating a scalable, efficient and secure platform managed by experienced DevOps professionals. We call this platform runCMD (Cloud Managed DevOps).

  • The runCMD platform uses Infrastructure as Code (IAC) DevOps toolsets and methods combined with Enterprise best practice security controls.
  • The runCMD platform uses standardised automated deployment patterns of services
  • The ongoing management and maintenance of the platform is included within a managed DevOps service offering
  • The monthly services also include the effort to incorporates new services to the platform
  • The platform is continually being enhanced by a large team of DevOps SME’s developing the platform automation code

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Cloud technology has changed the way organisations manage Disaster Recovery solutions. It essentially enables a Continuously Available (CA) architecture by designing systems to be available across geographically dispersed data centres known as availability zones. Systems are now being designed with a resiliency principle in mind and built to withstand component failures by avoiding any single points of sensitivity. This allows a business to spread its load across multiple data centres and to only pay for what is being consumed. This contrasts with the traditional active-passive DR model where the investment in the DR site is not utilised until either a test is performed or a real disaster scenario is declared.

CMD Solutions can create a Cloud based architecture that provides your business with the technical solution to continue business as usual regardless of the size of the component or site failure. This approach reduces the risks around lost productivity and reputational damage that are so often encountered with deficient DR solutions. The Cloud based architecture provides a much more efficient means to address business continuity as you only need to pay for the resources you consume.

Our DR and BCP services include:

  • Audit and Review current disaster recovery and business continuity processes and technologies identifying opportunities to deliver a more streamlined and reliable solution.
  • Design and implement DR and BCP solutions through analysis of Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) requirements which reduce risk, meet business expectations and require minimal management effort.
  • Provide supporting DR recovery plans and procedure documentation to minimise risk.

Strategic Services

Strategic planning of your people, process and technology is vital to running an IT operation that supports your business strategy. IT strategic plans should ensure that your business objectives are underpinned by IT systems at the most competitive price point. The IT operation should allow the business to pursue productivity initiatives by expanding and contracting based on demand rather than being a weight that holds your business back.

We use a combination of industry based frameworks, such as Cobit, as the benchmark to assess the maturity of your IT operation against your business needs. The assessment can be tailored to suit the size and nature of your business and will look at all areas - people, process and technology - to understand how best your IT environment can be structured.

Our strategic services include:

  • IT maturity assessments and health checks
  • IT architecture reviews, gap analysis and roadmaps
  • Transformation strategy blueprints and TCO analysis
  • Strategy planning and sourcing advice

Our transformation services include:

  • Monitoring of critical services and jobs with automated alerts and alarms to improve availability.
  • Automation of repetitive manual processes and jobs to increase efficiency.
  • Virtualisation and orchestration of various services.
  • Accurate reporting of the IT operation (infrastructure, applications, capacity).